NeuroManagement Chile is born of a concept of family Enterprise, which it thinks about how to include all in one; the dedication, the effort, and the teamwork. Across the years of experience, we have characterized ourselves for our treatment friendly, efficient and personalized with the client, learning to consolidate the essentials of our Company according to the preferences, tastes and criticism of our consumers, so we can working with and for them; we have turned into a company that is maintained the way to the excellence.

As work team, we believe reliably in the ethics as base of ours act, in the mutual respect between the client and the company an in the securing of the best results.

Actually NeuroManagement is conformed by two areas of work


FURNISHED APARTMENTS                             &                          REAL STATE MANAGEMENT







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“To be a company of Aparthotels recognized so much at level national as international thanks to our quality service at the time of satisfying our clients, basing our success on the efficiency, ethics and responsibility”



“We will satisfy the need for accommodation and hotel services at national and international level, centering on the quality of the service for our clients thanks to the fact that we are provided with responsible and reliable personnel, which helps us to expire with its expectations of the best manner“